New Document System Coming 2005-09-06

Over the past year and a half since the 0.23.4 release of docsys, I have been working on a complete reimplementation, called Document::Manager, or 'dms'.

dms is not yet functionally complete, so I cannot recommend it as a replacement for docsys yet. However, I have not been putting time into docsys maintenance, but instead have been focused on dms. No promises for when this will become available, however I've been putting out about one development release a month fairly regularly.

Because of this, I would not recommend new users adopt the old docsys code as I do not plan to maintain it any longer. I have removed it as a download option from the downloads page.

DocSys Release 0.23.4 2004-01-22

  • Icon borders & alt tags set correctly for mozilla
  • Removing the add document link in the header
  • Adding commands for latest docs, etc. to header
  • Cleaning up debug messages

DocSys Release 0.23.3 2004-01-20

  • Testing/fixing OSDL intranet database alteration scripts
  • Misc. cleanups of web interface & commands to work for the default branding
  • Creating a default branding (for use on OSDL intranet)
  • Documenting & fixing problems in etc config files

DocSys Release 0.23.2 2004-01-09

  • Changed cgi-bin/ -> docsys/cgi-bin/
  • Updated packaging/installation to match Eidetic2
  • Redesigned project page
  • SQL scripts for updating pre-0.23 docsys installations

DocSys Release 0.23.1 2003-12-30

  • Setting up installation using RPM
  • Updating documentation
  • Removing obsolete docs, scripts, etc.

DocSys Release 0.23.0

  • Redesign most templates
  • Added transition code to simplify junction table naming
  • Broke out DMS operations to Document::Archive
  • Added Sort::Tree
  • Massive reorganization of docsys CVS repository
  • Created installation/packaging support (via sdist)
  • Added checks to ensure tables exist before writing to them
  • Fixed bug that causes 0's to be entered in junction tables
  • Fixed bug that prevents display of email addy on reedit's
  • Fixed bug preventing re-upload of document using file of same name
  • Standardized Makefile.PL with other sdist-style apps

Document Management System 0.22

  • Changed columns in all-docs list -> sort by age since last update
  • Removed document type dropdown
  • Removed obsolete stp code (moved into stp package now)
  • Better integrate RHS controls into display screens
  • Rewrote dropdown code to preserve old info
  • Revised code to keep old file if not updating
  • Added modified date & version # to doc display lists
  • Allow editing status

2002-05-06 (Eidetic Release 1.9.0)

  • Added routine getFieldText
  • Fixed code that returns insertid
  • Altered search to look for substrings instead of whole strings
  • Added searching on (x)_uid_(y) type fields
  • Added better file upload capability
  • Fixed code to put notice messages into templates
  • Added logic for document management system
  • Added subs prepare_archive, receive_archive, process_archive,
    • clean_archive.
  • Fixed error causing paging to break after a POST
  • Added subquery capability
  • Made cleanFilename much more restrictive


  • Various bug fixes, feature additions, etc.


  • Updated TODO, moved stuff into DESIGN.intent


  • Establish & update ChangeLog and TODO files
  • Integrated calendar routines by Jakub
  • Reworking of how modules and commands are dispatched to
    • reduce the amount of hard coding required
  • Removal of a bunch of old code
  • Reorganization of some recently added code
  • Added some new junction table stuff (rest coming next week)
  • More I've probably missed


  • Preliminary ticket system
  • Develop general purpose authorization system
  • Set up password change capability
  • Divide code into external CGI plus separate db accessor
  • Split user/admin capabilities
  • Straighten out function naming convention
  • Refactor code and standardize routine API's and names
  • Get the schemas, types, and defaults to load out of mysql
  • Generalize store/display/edit functionality


  • Changed error message when specifying non-registered modulename
  • Split code out of eidetic.cgi into perl module and .cgi, each cgi a separate authz zone. This allows each zone to have a customized set of available modules and commands.
  • Stubbed in authz/permissions system.
  • Fix to Next/Prev paging functionality. Now looks up first and last item # from the database instead of trying to guess.
  • Misc. other polishing & bug fixing
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