The Eidetic Document Management System is a powerful open source system that can be customized to your needs. In particular, it supplys the following features:

  • Project-oriented grouping of folders & documents
  • Keeps old revisions for administrative resurrection
  • Searching on any combination of metadata criteria
  • A given document can be 'linked' into multiple folders
  • Documents 'published' at stable URL's independent of folder structure
  • Thumbnails automatically generated for PDF's and image files
  • An easy to use web interface & fast access to any document file
  • Upload files through web-interface
  • Edit document and folder properties via web or commandline
  • Documents can be organized in hierarchical folder tree displays
  • Search string URL's can be bookmarked
  • Thumbnail previews of several kinds of documents (extendable via ImageMagick)

Brought to you by the Open Source Development Labs